Affiliate Internet Marketing Basics


What is Affiliate Internet Marketing?



Affiliate internet marketing is a superb introduction to ecommerce and earning extra money, but according to, it’s also “a numbers game.”

In a nutshell, affiliate internet marketing is an advertising arrangement, so to speak, in which a company offers to pay you, as an individual or business owner, an agreed sum of money based one of the following advertising results from your site:

– a click through from your web site to the business’ site;

– a fixed amount for a lead, where a visitor would sign up for a newsletter or other special offer; or

– a percentage of the amount of a purchase made by a visitor as a result of a click through from a link posted at your web site.

Often times, affiliate internet marketing allows for a “cookie duration” of 30 to 90 days. What this means is that if a visitor clicks through from your web site to the business’ web site, the visitor will have the cookie in their cache. When the visitor returns to the business’ web site to make a purchase in the given period of time, even if they don’t first hit on your web site, the cookie will still be in their cache, and you will receive your commission from the purchase for that visitor. Prior to signing on to an affiliate internet marketing agreement, however, don’t assume this to be the case in all agreements. It is something to be inquired about prior to agreeing to the affiliate internet marketing program.