Tranquilis Review – The Remedy for Tinnitus (Dope or Dupe?)

Our bodies are our priced possessions. But what if this precious property of ours becomes jeopardized by an impairing disease or condition, like perhaps a problem that makes you hear disturbing ringing noises all the time and worse, only you can hear it? What a nuisance that would be to live each day bombarded by this horrifying buzz in your head, haunting you everywhere you go and even in your sleep.

The worst part of it is that this tormenting condition, called Tinnitus, affects 1 out of 5 people within the population causing stress, fatigue, anxiety, problems in sleep and memory, disturbed concentration or focus and sometimes leads to depression or even suicide for some people.

So called hearing aids, anti-depression medication and sleeping pills, herbal remedies, acupuncture, meditation, sound therapies and etc. are used by some people to somehow “veil” the noise and reduce the anxiety caused by it. However these short-term solutions simply do not suffice and do not target the main core problem. Hopefully, a new promising antidote called Tranquilis has been formulated to provide an aid to this problem its root cause. This informative Tranquilis Review is going to evaluate the product: its effectiveness and whether it is a legit remedy or just another hoax.

What is Tranquilis and how does it work?

Tranquilis is an anti-Tinnitus formula that can be taken in, in the form of a dietary supplement pill. While most people may think that Tinnitus is just a disease in the ears (especially those who are new to this ailment), scientists revealed especially in chronic conditions that it is more of a disease in the brain where brain signals are disturbed as the small networks are being disrupted. This produces the so called buzzing sound in one’s head as a sign or symptom of this glitch.

Tranquilis relieves this problem to the core by repairing and thus rejuvenating the damaged cells while also soothing the nervous system and empowering the brain. It guarantees not only to improve the overall health of the brain and nervous system, but also deter other brain disorders and problems as well from developing. Sounds too good to be true? Or is it?

The origin

You may have wondered how and who produced this controversial medicine for fighting Tinnitus. Well the genius behind this breakthrough came from non-other than a 58 years old medical librarian, who was also a sufferer of Tinnitus himself, Howard Briggs. Going through this living nightmare of experiencing Tinnitus every day and almost turning to suicide to end his misery, he somehow was able to lift himself out of this hellish pit and produce this amazing formula with the help also from another genius, Dr. Edgar Lambert (Brain specialist and a member of renowned IQ organizations).

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The healing components 

The two main components of this powerful formulation are hibiscus and hawthorn berry as these two ingredients help to soothe down the nerves and thus lessen the sound of the noises heard since first days of use. Olive leaves safeguards the brain against infections while also being backed up with ingredients like Buchu leaves along with Vitamins B12, B6, and Niacin or B3 vitamins in this supplemental pill; activating and reinvigorating the brain and its network connections. The addition of green tea, juniper berry, uva ursi and vitamin C also act as a strong defense against Tinnitus; detoxifying the brain, increases neural functionality and connectivity, and also combats other brain problems.

Being aware that the ingredients used in this product are obtained from natural sources and are of fine quality encouraging great healing ability, establishes the fact that it is a legitimate product and not just promising miracles of no avail.

The pros and cons behind Tranquilis

This Tranquilis Review showcases the major advantages and disadvantages of Tranquilis


  • Clinically proven to work on anyone of any age
  • Shields the brain from debilitating brain problems, conditions and disorders such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, memory loss, dementia, infections and tumors from developing.
  • Slowly clears the noises heard due to Tinnitus and cures it from the core completely vanishing it as if your brain were brand new (takes approximately 3 weeks or less for the tinnitus symptoms to fully disappear)
  • Promotes healthy brain and nervous system functionality
  • Can be taken in to rejuvenate the brain, regardless if one has Tinnitus or not
  • Refund is offered if customer doesn’t get optimum results: covered by 60 Days “100% Healthy Or Money Back” Guarantee


  • Side Effects are yet undetermined
  • It is not yet FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and is yet unevaluated for its safety and efficacy
  • Effects may not be instantly evident at first
  • It is quite expensive as the procurement of ingredients is a difficult process

How Should I purchase?

If you are stuck in between the hesitation if this product will really work for you or not, while on the meantime you’re suffering from Tinnitus and want to end this problem once and for all but don’t know what solution is best for you, then don’t hesitate to give this product a shot. After all, 47,000 people are seeing and testifying on the positive results out of this supplement, as it is also continually gaining its reputation for its natural healing ability.

So if you’re wondering how you can get your hands on this wonderful antidote and how much you need to get it, it can be found and bought only on their website:, from $99 to only $69 as promo or you can buy their discounted package system where you can have 6 bottles for only $49 per bottle and a total price of $294, plus free shipping. They also have a refund if you’re not happy with the product so you won’t regret buying it at all costs.

So is it Dope or Dupe?

Conclusively, Tranquilis is indeed a well-founded, legitimate product that deserves the praise and approval of this Tranquilis Review. It’s totally a dope miracle pill. Thumbs up for this so called “mute button” for finally bringing silence and peace from the nightmare brought by Tinnitus.

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