Fungus Hack Review 2018: Nutrition Hacks fighter against pesky fungal infection!

Our body is composed of a flora and fauna that keeps everything well-balanced, so when we don’t eat properly and chooses junk foods over a healthy diet, the balance in our body gets disturbed and opportunistic organisms can easily infect us and make us sick.

This is what happened to Brett Johnson, a 61-year-old man living a good life with his wife in the sunny part of Florida, who didn’t care about his lifestyle, until he contracted a fungal infection in his toenails! After many failed medications, he finally arrived with this solution as supported with Nutrition Hacks company.

So if you also suffer from fungal infection that affects your nails, skin, and hair and no amount of doctor’s visitation and drugs actually work for you, then it’s time to read this Fungus Hack (Nutrition Hacks) review and decide if this is the right solution for you.

Product Details

Product Name: Fungus Hack

Author: Brett Johnson supported by Nutrition Hacks company

Price: Previously $99 for each bottle, there’s a discount now of:

  1. Basic: $69/bottle
  2. Standard: $59/bottle
  3. Premium: $49/bottle

Where to Buy:

Bottles Included: 3 choices – basic (1), standard (3), or premium (6)

Refund: Money-back guarantee for 180 days

Bonus: 1 bonus e-book

An Overview 

Nail fungus is probably the most common fungal infection, the symptoms of which can be easily detected once you see a yellow or white spotting under the tips of your fingernails or toenails. The yellow or white discoloration beneath your nails is due to the accumulation of fungi called dermatophyte. Without proper treatment, the dermatophyte can settle deeper into your nail beds, which results to the thickening, yellow coloration, and brittleness of your nails.

Therefore, Brett Johnson and Nutrition Hacks produced this powerful supplement drugs in order to help combat fungal infections, especially that of nail fungi. Online testimonials claimed that the amazing benefits promised by Fungus Hack and effective result is more legit, than other methods and drugs available in the market. It offers permanent reversal of the effects of nail fungus and can also aid in proper digestions and metabolism, giving energy boosts, and in preventing diabetes, insomnia, and arthritis.

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How does it work?

This Fungus Hack (Nutrition Hacks) review would break down all the 100% natural ingredients of the drug and how it works in three stages:

First Stage

Biologically speaking, fungi and humans are very different, especially when it comes to cell structures, but the most evident difference is the lack of cell wall in human cells. Cell walls are additional protecting membrane within the cell, so fungi are better protected against foreign substances, so they can easily resist a variety of drugs and treatment available.

Hence, the Fungus Hack would work on bringing down the cell walls of the fungi first, in order to expose its internal structures and so that it could incorporate itself the fungi, sort of like becoming a Trojan horse, using the following ingredients:

  • Grape Seed Extract. Most citrus fruits, like grapes, are known to give our immunity a boost because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, and grape seed extract has a long history of medicinal use, which can be traced since the ancient times. It is capable of helping our immune system fight a variety of infections. Plus, it is a good source of antioxidants, so it can easily break down the cell walls of many fungi.
  • Caprylic Acid. Obtained from milk and coconut oil, it has a lot of benefits for a better health, but this ingredient works best in eliminating fungi in the body, plus it also contains antibacterial property. Because of its low pH level, it can also prevent yeast infection. So it can help in strengthening your immune system against fungi, in general.

Second Stage

When the cell wall of the fungi is already broken down, the fungi are more easily eliminated, because it’s no longer so resistant against treatments and medicinal ingredients. The benefit of using Fungus Hack is its content of enzymes that are already within us, but not in good enough amount. The following enzymes help in removing the fungi once and for all:

  • Amylase (5000). This is the enzyme present in our mouth that helps in liquefying the food that we eat for digestion in the stomach. It helps convert the starch we eat into a simple form of monosaccharides (sugar), because the stomach cannot break down complex sugar like starch. This ingredient is responsible for digesting the starch produced by fungi, which serves as their energy source for survival.
  • Protease (3500). An enzyme in the stomach, which helps in breaking down the food that goes into our stomach, it further degrades the fungal components, especially its proteins. So it basically tears the protein bonding inside the fungi to leave it more vulnerable for Stage 3.
  • Lipase (1000). it is the enzyme responsible for breaking down the fat that we consume, it helps in degrading the fat layer in the inner protective membrane of the fungi.

Third Stage

Because the fungi are already broken down and vulnerable, it’s time to lay on the last phase of the attack. Fungus Hack produces such great results because it contains antibiotic properties due to the following ingredients:

  • Lemongrass: The benefit of using lemongrass is not only because of its amazing scent, which can treat several muscle pains, but because it is an important component of pharmaceutical medicine vitamin A. It has a lot of benefits to health such as stomach ache reliever, cleaning out accumulated carbon dioxide in the lungs, and rheumatism.
  • Oregano powder. It is a bitter plant from the mint family of plants that are already well-known for its medicinal properties due to the richness of its antioxidant content together with other vitamins and minerals. Powdered oregano has carvacrol and thymol oils that specifically fights off fungi and completely destroys it.
  • Black Walnut Hulls. it contains juglone compound that has the ability to fight off fungi, bacteria, and even some parasite. In fact, this ingredient would not only result to a fungi-free body, it is the top treatment for ringworm infection, syphilis, and diphtheria.

How long does it take to see improvements?

Each person reacts differently against fungal infections, so there is really no timeframe for when you would be cured, but online testimonials say that they can already see a difference after two weeks of consistent use. But it takes some time before completely eliminating fungal infection from the body.

How should you take Fungus Hack (Nutrition Hacks)?

Brett Johnson suggests taking 2 capsules each day, but you would also need to change your meal plans accordingly, or it would not be effective. Junk foods should be avoided and must be replaced with fruits, vegetables, and a lot of water.


  • It uses only 100% natural ingredients.
  • There has been no reports of adverse effects or side effects to people, unlike other anti-fungal medications available in the market.
  • It’s affordable than other anti-fungal drugs.
  • There is money-back guarantee for 180 days.
  • Free shipping worldwide!
  • Improves metabolism and gives the immune system a boost.
  • It comes with an e-book titled: 7 fungus causing health food. It’s for free and has complete details on how to completely eliminate fungal nail infection.


  • It can only be bought online, through the official website, and no local pharmacy store has rights to distribute it as of now.
  • It is not evaluated by Food and Drug Administration since supplements are often not being studied by FDA.
  • For serious health concerns, Fungus Hack must not be used until recommended by a physician.
  • It is a supplement drug and cannot replace medicines recommended by a physician.


So if have fungal infection, which keeps coming back despite many visits to the doctor or medications, then maybe you should try this Fungus Hack. You can see in my Fungus Hack (Nutrition Hacks) review that it contains powerful ingredients with amazing health benefits and legit results, and testimonials claim that it’s definitely not a scam. Also, don’t forget to eat healthy food and do little exercises in order to help your immune system eliminate fungal infections better.

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